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Luoyang machine tool co., LTD

Luoyang machine tool co., LTD,Predecessor original luoyang machine tool plant was founded1951Years,Located in the ten dynasties ancient capital,Was awarded the luoyang city science and technology enterprises,Henan province high and new technology enterprise,PassedISO9001International quality management system certification and the European UnionCECertification,2003Restructuring for luoyang machine tool co., LTD。The company is located in luoyang on kiln resided riverfront industrial park,Luoyang station6Kilometers,From the world、Even huo highway3Kilometers,The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient.


Dynamic company The dynamic of the industry Technology trends

From the impact roller in the island brand
Look from the impact roller in the island brand battle which impact roller

From Mountain island Impact roller brand battle to see Type Roller which is good? Absolute fact this is your patience after reading a whole evaluation,A great help for the upgrade! Impact roller is also called impact grinding,For South Africa's blue company earlier into practice,

Common problems

Buy the pitfalls of impact roller
In recent years,Along with the national construction further optimization,A further extension of the highway transportation lines,The construction is becoming more and more strict,In the case of pavement compaction,The application of impact roller has been load the articles of association,Many technical requirements must be increased
Impact roller basic common sense
This one out,Their peers~Technology improvement10Years,The user~The whiteboard seconds brick house! 1. How to discern simply by appearance impact roller type ......
25KJWhat is the meaning of impact roller?
25KJ/30KJWhat is the meaning of impact roller? 25KJWhat is the meaning of impact roller?Online consulting a lot of the problem,But are basically business promotional q&a,Doesn't give the readers a real answer,Even said that some of the technical production
The impact of the impact roller is the bigger the better?
By machine tool plant of luoyang feature article《30KJWhat is the meaning of impact roller?》,We know the impact energy of impact roller working state by the static energy、Of translational energy and rotational inertia。 In order to have a unified parameters
Los roller machine group product quality and cheap in what aspects
High quality and low price for almost all the ideal requirements of users,The key point of sales manufacturer to flaunt their products,The so-called real gold fears not the fire,Luoyang machine tool plant in this explain to the masses of users friends machine tool plant impact roller are of good quality low price reflected in which aspects
Common group problem solving
What are the responsibilities of our company? As a history of state-owned enterprises,Our duty is to serve the society,To produce more quality products。 What is our commitment? Quality first、It is the first、Reputation first、Service first。Is our constant commitment
Why impact roller need special tractor traction?
What special domestic common impact roller tractor? The impactor roller is20Century50S by South AfricaAubrey BerrangeCompany and gradually put into practice a new kind of、The non-circular scrolling、Towed impact compaction machinery,Affiliated to the pressure
Impact roller impact rolling range requirement of water content
Impact roller impact rolling range requirement of water content Impact roller wide water content requirements for subgrade is well known,Including water content from1%-2%Desert of granular soil to water content17%The saturated clay ideal compaction can be obtained
The working principle of impact roller
Process can be divided into the specific impact of impact roller2Phases: The first phase of energy storage process。 Impact wheel from the center of gravity low status to the center of gravity high state transition。Under the effect of traction,Impact wheel attachment of friction with the ground rolling forward along the outer contour curve,

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